For National Payroll Week, September 5 – 9, the American Payroll Association (APA) has tips that can help you save time and money and get more from your pay. While you’re at it, enter to win a free paycheck from the APA at in honor of our favorite week of the year.

  1. Control Your Finances with Split Direct Deposit

    Direct deposit offers an easy way to manage your paycheck deductions and to save for a rainy day. Put your payroll department to work for you by requesting your paycheck be deposited into multiple bank accounts. By setting up separate allotments to both your checking and savings accounts, you are more likely to live within your budget while still ensuring that a portion of your paycheck is automatically added to your savings.
  2. Prepare for Your Future

    It’s never too early to start planning for the future. Start taking advantage of retirement savings programs at work. Many employers will match the amount you contribute as well, so if you’re not taking advantage of matching programs at work you’re throwing away free money.
  3. Give Yourself an Instant Raise!

    The paperwork you complete on the first day of a new job can be more impactful than you realize. In fact, based on what you selected on Form W-4, you may be overpaying your taxes each and every paycheck. National Payroll Week is a good time to do a paycheck checkup to check your tax withholdings. You may be able to put those tax overpayments directly back into your take home pay, giving you an instant raise! Visit the NPW website to for helpful calculators to check your tax withholding, double check your paycheck accuracy and much more.
  4. Save for Medical Expenses

    With minimal planning you can save up to 37% off your medical expenses by opening a Health Car Flexible Spending Account. You can even pay for everyday items like Band Aids, or contact lenses, and more with these special spending accounts.

Making small but well-planned adjustments can help you reach your financial goals for today and the future. After taking a close look at your finances and doing these four things, be sure to take the “Getting Paid In America” survey, available online through September 9 on the National Payroll Week website You’ll be automatically entered to win a free paycheck from the American Payroll Association!