Celebrate National
Payroll Week In Your Company

Bring the NPW fun to work!

Celebrate National
Payroll Week In Your Company

Bring the NPW fun to work!

Get started planning your celebration.

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Becoming an NPW Supporer is Free!

All you have to do is help APA spread the NPW message to your company. All participating companies receive a corporate link from National Payroll Week and lots of other free publicity opportunities.

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“National Payroll Week is an ideal opportunity to thank your company’s payroll department for their hard work.
Their efforts help ensure that paychecks are accurate and on time.”
– Dan Maddux, Executive Director, APA


Hosting a National Payroll Week celebration at your office is simple. Start by reminding your supervisor that National Payroll Week is important; not only to those in the payroll department, but to the entire company.

Take this opportunity to educate your colleagues about paychecks, the payroll withholding system, and the workings of your department. Use our NPW Information Packet to convince your supervisor to support your National Payroll Week celebration.

Plan Your Office Celebration

Need help putting your celebration together? Here are a few creative ways to educate coworkers about their paychecks, the payroll withholding system and the workings of your department:


Decorate high-traffic areas in the office with NPW balloons and the official NPW tote bag.


Encourage fellow employees to participate in the Getting Paid in America online survey. Add a message to your letterhead, paystubs, and e-mail signatures.

Host a Contest

Play a payroll related game and use PAYDAY candy bars or NPW merchandise as the winning prize.

Take Photos

Take photos of your colleagues celebrating National Payroll Week and share them on social media using the official NPW hashtag: #PayrollWeek.


Signing up your organization to be an official National Payroll Week Supporter is FREE! All you have to do is help spread the NPW message throughout your company.

Host a Meeting

Host an About Your Paycheck meeting to educate coworkers about their paychecks, deductions, benefits, and Forms W-2 and W-4. Share useful information found in the American Payroll Association™s Understanding Your Pay™ eBook

Try a Newsletter or Flyer

Create NPW handouts to give to your colleagues at the company party.

Give Merchandise

Visit the NPW Store to purchase the latest merchandise available!

NPW Celebration Photos

Use the NPW Artwork

The official NPW artwork can be used in your newsletters, media requests, cake decorations, timecards, and other noncommercial uses. If your print shop requires an official release from the American Payroll Association to print the artwork, please email your request, indicating how you plan to use the artwork.

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