Each year, APA Chapters and individuals work hard to celebrate National Payroll Week and help spread its message in their communities. Their efforts are judged against other individuals and chapters for our NPW contests.

The 2017 winners NPW contest winners were:

Individual Activity Contest

First Place–Tracy Maranto-Phillips, Automatic Payroll Systems, Inc.

Second Place–David Scorza, CPP, ADP

Third Place–Dina Morin, CPP, Berkeley College


Online Survey Promotion Contest

First Place–Tallahassee Chapter

Second Place–Greater Milwaukee Chapter

Third Place–Greater Nashville Chapter


NPW National Education Champions

Winners–Region 7, District of Columbia, Kentucky, Maryland, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia

Chapter Activity Contests


Chapter Promotion Contest

First Place–Atlanta Chapter

Second Place–Dallas Chapter

Third Place–Chicago Chapter


Chapter Photo Contest

First Place–San Francisco Bay Area Chapter

Second Place–Silicon Valley Chapter

Third Place–Atlanta Chapter

Honorable Mention–Oklahoma City Chapter


Educational Outreach and Community Services

First Place–Atlanta Chapter

Second Place–Alamo Chapter of the APA

Third Place–Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter

Honorable Mention–Greater Milwaukee Chapter


Local Government Outreach

First Place–Alamo Chapter of the APA

Second Place–Atlanta Chapter

Third Place–Northeast Wisconsin Chapter


Local Media Outreach

First Place–Dallas Chapter

Second Place–Atlanta Chapter

Third Place–Washington Metropolitan Area Chapter